L7 Informatics: Turning Silos to Synergies Using a Scientific Information Management...

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L7 Informatics: Turning Silos to Synergies Using a Scientific Information Management Platform

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Vasu Rangadass, President and CEO, L7 Informatics Vasu Rangadass, President and CEO
Precision medicine is slowly but surely making its way from the bench to bedside. Precision medicine treatments are far more complex and involve not just lab processes but also need to integrate NGS sequencing, biologics manufacturing and QC processes. With the advent of precision medicine, next-generation diagnostics and gene and cell therapies, there is a need for the LIMS to be more scalable, connected, and have the ability to integrate seamlessly with data analytics and visualization tools. Most pharma companies have realized that their research data across the organization is siloed with lots of LIMS implementations from various vendors and homegrown systems. Standalone LIMS products create data silos and slow down business processes and reduce insights into the research data. With a vision to turn silos into synergies and enable seamless collaboration, L7 Informatics enables pharma companies to move away from standalone LIMS implementations to a broader scientific informatics platform with several integrated apps. The company’s Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) effectively enables clients to consolidate all research information into one configurable and intuitive platform for rapid assessment of scientific data and lab operations. L7’s ESP can also connect to the existing LIMS and other software systems and provide a roadmap to migrate from data silos to integrated data across all their research organizations.

L7’s ESP is a platform designed to automate and digitally transform scientific operations and make them run efficiently. Unlike traditional LIMS systems, ESP has integrated instrument management, inventory and capacity management, freezer management, customer and vendor management. While ESP is performing its normal business functions, it can track operational costs and identify processes bottlenecks that impact turnaround times.
LIMS is one of the apps within its broader ESP. “Giving an analogy of the smartphone, we are building an iOS like platform, not just a phone app. LIMS is just another app on our ESP platform,” says Vasu Rangadass, PhD, President and CEO of L7. “This platform approach allows L7 to rapidly add new applications, connectors to new instruments, and build new scientific protocols as they become available. L7 clients like this concept as they are able to integrate their operational workflows, lab management dashboards, Lab Business Intelligence and reporting all on the same platform.”

Giving an analogy of the smartphone, we are building an iOS like platform, not just a phone app. LIMS is just another app on our ESP platform

L7’s ESP is designed to function in regulatory compliant environments such as CAP/CLIA diagnostic labs, FDA clinical trials, and cGMP manufacturing. L7 builds the ESP platform with the highest levels of quality management standards to benefit all clients. In one instance, L7 is solving the unique challenges of the data-rich environment of a genetic testing lab that uses a variety of technologies, from qPCR to Sanger Sequencing, to Illumina-based NGS for CReAteIVF, a fertility clinic. “IVF testing is particularly complex due to the non-standard relationships between patients and embryos that can be difficult to capture in other software, for example, an embryo may have as many as five parents: egg donor, sperm donor, gestational carrier, and the couple undergoing treatment,” says Rangadass. ESP’s flexible modeling system readily accommodates such complexities while keeping the overall process and data provenance trail clear.

Currently, L7 is placed at a very unique point in time where advancements in genomics and computer science like AI/ Machine Learning/Bio-Informatics are being fused together to bring better diagnostics and treatments to market. In this new world of biologics, managing the sample journey through wet lab, sequencing, shipping, and manufacturing becomes very critical. L7’s ESP, with its ability to maintain data integrity across complex biological processes, is well-positioned to support client’s requirements in pharma research, biologics manufacturing, NGS diagnostics, and health systems.
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L7 Informatics

Austin, TX

Vasu Rangadass, President and CEO

L7 Informatics provides software and services that enable synchronized solutions for science + health. L7’s novel Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) is a scientific process and data management (SPDM) solution that enables life science and healthcare companies to connect people, processes, and systems to accelerate discoveries and drive precision healthcare. Our end-to-end solutions and services yield efficiencies that enable researchers to make new genomics discoveries, precision therapeutics manufacturers to create higher fidelity therapies, health systems to provide superior diagnostics and standard of care, and precision agriculture to meet tomorrow’s nutrition needs through improvements to crops and livestock