LabVantage: A One-Stop Solution for Laboratory Information Management

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LabVantage: A One-Stop Solution for Laboratory Information Management

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John Heiser, Ph.D., CEO, LabVantage John Heiser, Ph.D., CEO
It’s an uphill task for lab managers in the pharma industry to control instruments and instrument-related files. Despite all the efforts, they, at times, end up capturing partial data or losing those completely in the worst case. Besides, the risks of a data breach are higher because of the increasing unauthorized and other fraudulent practices, threatening product quality, data integrity, and patient safety. Another predicament is the slow process resulting from a low-bandwidth connection that cripples the entire system. With more than 35 years in providing solutions for lab informatics, LabVantage Solutions has become a trusted name in laboratory information management system (LIMS) and electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solutions with its configurable offerings and comprehensive customer services.

Designed for the unique needs of varied customers, the LabVantage Enterprise platform assists large organizations in dealing with huge volumes of data and a wide variety of projects, often across multiple labs in multiple geographies and languages. Eliminating the need for sophisticated distributed systems, the platform saves significant cost and time for the enterprises. Moreover, the platform is hosted from a single data center, which makes it highly scalable to unlimited branches/ subsidiaries. For business leaders and lab managers, it offers rich functionality and systems integration to generate insights for improved decision making in the areas of workforce planning and other key business functions.

For small to medium-sized organizations that require simple features, LabVantage has introduced “LabVantage Express,” an ideal solution for smaller Quality Control or Contract/Analytical Testing labs that need pre-determined, standard processes to meet high quality and accreditation requirements. As a modern integrated LIMS built with pioneering technologies, LabVantage Express obviates the need for post-implementation configurations, making enterprise-grade informatics platform easier to deploy, maintain, and use.
What makes it stand apart in the market, though, is that the platform is 100 percent browser-based and HTML5- compliant, available from any device, anywhere. LabVantage’s solutions can be pre-configured for various industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, Biobanking, and diagnostics, among others.

The LabVantage Enterprise platform assists large organizations in dealing with huge volumes of data and a wide variety of projects, often across multiple labs in multiple geographies and languages

In a case study, one of LabVantage’s clients, American Crystal, utilized a homegrown system developed in FoxPro and installed in each of its laboratories in various locations. The different branches had a unique solution and lacked a standardized approach for quality-driven management reporting. The collection of quality data became a complicated task when corporate management required consolidated reporting results from various laboratories until LabVantage stepped in. LabVantage not only built a single shared database but also empowered them with the ability to schedule the collection of samples at regular intervals automatically. Performing actively at American Crystal since September 2001, LabVantage operates in five manufacturing QA/QC laboratories with approximately 100 users. The company uses workflows for collecting samples, auditing the facility, changing sample status automatically during processing, and auto-emailing.

Recently, LabVantage launched LabVantage 8.4, an updated version of its LIMS, which incorporates ELN and LES (laboratory execution system). With ELN and LES, LabVantage eliminates unnecessary paper records and helps users easily capture, organize, manage, and collaborate on experiments and test execution workflows across the client organization. The latest version brings new capabilities aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the labs. To address the real-world lab informatics challenges, LabVantage is designing a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) solution that will be incorporated into the platform. The LabVantage SDMS will help manage instrument-related data in a repository while using a distributed architecture to overcome the bottlenecks.
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Somerset, NJ

John Heiser, Ph.D., CEO

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ with offices around the world, LabVantage Solutions, Inc. provides laboratories with a comprehensive portfolio of informatics products and services, including LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and business intelligence. Our industry-leading solutions and services are the result of 35+ years of experience in laboratory informatics. We leverage that knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to help organizations redefine and optimize the way their laboratories conduct business. LabVantage has a solid track record of delivering return on investment to laboratories of all sizes. Our capabilities extend to legacy system migration, global laboratory harmonization, and laboratory business intelligence derived from disparate sites and systems