PerkinElmer: Customizing an LIMS with LimsLink

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PerkinElmer: Customizing an LIMS with LimsLink

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Prahlad Singh, CEO, PerkinElmer Prahlad Singh, CEO
Recent innovations in the field of technology have changed every aspect of human life from the way people commute to the way they work in offices. Amid this changing time, the healthcare sector has also given in to the technological disruptions to change the way patients get their medical tests done.

Evolution of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has completely transformed the traditional labs to a modern center of excellence. Initially, LIMS was developed as a system for tracking the movement of samples in laboratories. Now, LIMS has expanded into an integrated solution catering to all laboratory data management needs including maintaining sample records, tracking of tests performed, managing customer services, and managing invoices for the services rendered. Also, as the medication is becoming more evidence-based, it will be of critical importance for labs to perform effectively and provide accurate results in lesser time. However, at present, the challenge for medical labs is to find tailored LIMS solution to meet the diverse and case-specific needs of labs and PerkinElmer’s LimsLink is becoming one the preferred choice for a customized LIMS solution among the medical labs.

LimsLink is a laboratory integration solution that reduces errors and costs associated with manual data management in any laboratory. The solution ensures that laboratory results and sample information are transferred accurately and efficiently in real time between instruments, instrument data systems, and informatics systems such as LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, DMS, and SAP. The most important role LimsLink plays in a laboratory is to increase the operational efficiency of the laboratory by automating calculations and routine manual tasks.
To this end, the LIMS solution delivers increases in sample throughput, reductions in analyst’s workload, and improvements in the overall quality of output. It facilitates both easy record keeping and reporting, thus eliminating the risks of human errors and improving the overall turnaround time. The solution also automates many of the routine manual tasks that analysts carry out on a daily basis, while analysts maintain control over sample data management.

What makes LimsLink better than other alternatives is its use of a parsing technology that allows it to split any data, no matter how complex and variable it is, and storing them

The scalable architecture of LimsLink suits all requirements from a single workstation to enterprise-wide deployment. However, what makes LimsLink better than other alternatives is its use of a parsing technology that allows it to split any data, no matter how complex and variable it is, and storing them. This unique parsing technology reduces the time and effort required to make interfaces and it simplifies future changes that may need to be made. Instead of customized coding, LimsLink uses a graphical tool to define the parsing. At any time, users can look at the LimsLink method and easily see the data splitting steps. The unique graphical configuration process of LimsLink eliminates the need for custom coding or scripting, simplifying implementation as it takes seconds to change and there is no custom code to maintain. LimsLink includes an integrated spreadsheet that can be used to automate specialized calculations (dilution or weight factors, rounding of results, combining results, etc). Analysts can review results and add their observations, comments, or approval information that is then transferred along with the data. The parsing activity is controlled and monitored by LimsLink’s compliant security and audit trail system.

PerkinElmer is a global corporation focused in the business areas of diagnostics, life science research, food, environmental, and industrial testing. Keeping up with the current pace of technological innovations, the company is trying to evaluate different emerging technologies to enhance the capabilities of LimsLink in the years to come.
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Prahlad Singh, CEO

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